Friday, June 8, 2012

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Where to live in Mexico?

Most U.S. residents know very little about Mexico, our nearest neighbor to the south. Its government is not set up much differently than our own. There is a central government: president, congress, court system, etc. The country is divided into 31 states and a federal district, Mexico City, which Mexican citizens know as "Mexico." Each state has its own constitution and laws as well as its own officials, just as in the U.S. Most officials are democratically elected--also like the U.S.

Here is a map: (Source:

The driving distance from Tijuana in the extreme NW to Chetumal in the extreme SE (not shown on the map, but is located at the southern tip of the peninsula by Belize) is approximately 2530 miles--or 4073 kilometers--the measure used in Mexico. The driving distance from Cancun in the east to Puerto Vallarta in the west is approximately 1485/2390 miles/kilometers. (Source:

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